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Truebliss Skincare

Aqua Fresh (Cool Blue) Glycerin Soap

Aqua Fresh (Cool Blue) Glycerin Soap

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Aqua Fresh (Cool Blue) Glycerin Soap is the perfect choice for a quick, refreshing shower. It is made with a special formula that is ideal for sensitive skin and will leave you feeling clean and fresh. The cool blue scent is both refreshing and calming, so you can look forward to a great night's sleep after a refreshing shower.

Aqua Fresh (Cool Blue) Glycerin Soap is a uniquely designed soap that is 100% natural. It has a long-lasting, gentle fragrance that provides an enjoyable bathing experience. The glycerin in the soap moisturizes and soothes the skin, while the natural ingredients create a natural lather. The soap is gentle enough for children and adults alike.

TrueBliss soaps are completely made with hands and contain unique blend essential oils and natural fragrance. The soaps come with different bases such as AloeVera, Shea Butter, Charcoal etc. TrueBliss soaps are made from skin loving ingredients and soothing fragrances. 

The soap sizes and shape may change from the ones that are shown in the images. The images in above product are for display purpose only, the actual product container, shape, colour may change depending upon the availability.

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